Here’s the interview to introduce the agency, how it was born and the expectations from the model Isabella Lima, candidated for Miss Europe Continental in the world.

The interview:

Minas Fashion Week was born from the desire to reveal talents, having today launched numerous models for the international market and being a partner of 1500 agencies worldwide. The event quickly fell to the graces of the Minas Gerais public and important designers who embraced the cause, placing it as one of the main fashion events in Belo Horizonte. We’re celebrating this year 16 years of event, taking in direction Leonardo Fonseca and Aline Medlley, who specializes in scouting and international modeling.

Our mission is to be constantly looking for new faces, and then to prepare and launch them internationally.

Participating in the MISS EUROPE CONTINENTAL WORLDContest is a great opportunity to bet on dreams and turn our models into International Level models. We appreciate the opportunity and are honored to bring Belo Horizonte and Brazil to Italy.

Our expectation about Modelo Isabella Lima

Isabella’s differential is that besides the great experience as a model, she has already participated in several beauty contests. At age 16 she traveled to India as a model and there she did many jobs and learned a lot as a professional and as a human being. She has been modeling for 5 months in Mumbai, also works as a model in the Philippines and is on her way to her first international fashion season contract in Milan. In addition to modeling, Isabella volunteers to help an Ong and who needs help. Bring peace and love to those in need. And volunteer work is donation, key role for a Miss! That’s why we consider her the perfect candidate.

Créditos: Miss Europe Continental